Hunting with our Poodles.


We at Louter Creek Hunting Poodles are striving to breed back the Standard Poodles with good drive to retrieve in and out of the water. Standard Poodles are very intelligent, easily trained and are proven to be efficient retrievers.

Our dogs are trained slow and steady to achieve the desired results which is an outstanding, reliable waterfowl retriever. Training begins at an early age of seven weeks by retrieving stuffed toys and bird wings. Basic obedience commands such as heel, sit & here are very important to teach a puppy. It is also essential to introduce them to water at an early age, and to different bodies of water as they get older.

Most important is to practice different drills, such as the depth perception drill which helps them use their eyes for marking (watching the fall of the bird).

It takes a lot of time and dedication to train your poodle yourself, but in the end it is well worth it, as there is a real bond between the hunter and life long hunting companion.



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5 month Grace with her first pheasant.

Dec. 1, 2012 "Grace's" First Pheasant  at 5 months.

Whiskey and Reba Mcentire

2012 Pheasant Hunt with "Whiskey" & "Reba Mcentire"


2011 Pheasant Shoot at Beaver Pond Farm



2010 Dove shoot...
Limited out both Saturday afternoon and hunted another field on Sunday morning.
Best dove shoot in recent years!




2009 Pheasant Shoot at Beaver Pond Farm

      "Layla" retrieves a crippled pheasant!    "Reba" did a good job flushing and
       retrieving from thick cover and


Our three girls showing off!


Sky retrieving her first pheasant  Sky

"Sky" retrieves her first pheasant



Opening day 2008, Cooper waits
his turn to retrieve more ducks.
       "Reba keeping an eye on the sky"



 11/17/07 Opening day of Duck Season is finally here and what
a great time we had in North West Georgia.
Cooper had his work cut out for him as we had four hunters.




Hunting picture of one of our standard Poodles



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 "Cooper" earned a pass at the Music City HRC in TN


 "Cooper" earned a pass at the Music City HRC in TN

Cooper earned his WC (Working Certificate) at the CCPC All Poodle Hunt Test in NC  9-16-07



Photo Credit John Carelli WC/ WCX all Poodle hunt test on 9-16-07





Layla  retrieving a duck at 5 months



  Cooper earnes his SHR title at the Midlands
                     HRC Hunt test Oct. 07
                    Cooper gets a pass at the Big Elkin HRC
                                         hunt test in NC





           Reba retrieving a Chuckar at 8 wks.
                  Reba retieving a Mallard at 8 wks.



Cooper retrieving a duck in the water. Cooper coming to shore with a duck
                 Cooper retrieving a duck             Cooper coming to shore with a duck



Jolie coming to shore with a duck.       Jolie retrieving a duck near shore.

Jolie hunting in 2006



 Reba's First Pheasant Hunt at 6 months. old



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Here are some books that were great tools for us in the beginning:

The Finished Dog by Charles Jurney
 Marshes & Meadows by James Spencer
The 10 Minute Retriever by John Dahl


          Old South Retriever Club


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